How We Started

BLVCK Organic Cold Brew Coffee started by accident, first created and enjoyed at a craft beer bar I used to own. One day, one of my employees showed up to his shift with a hangover. He knew that I made batches of coffee for myself, and I used to carry and drink 64oz of BLVCK cold brew every day. Since I couldn't have my employee talking to customers in that condition, I poured him some of my coffee. As soon as he took his first sip, the color and life flowed back into his face. Several of the restaurant regulars witnessed this miracle firsthand. My employee looked at me and said, "Holy sh*t, this is amazing. I hate black coffee, but this is good!". My regulars then gulped down their beers and asked me to rinse their glasses, so they could also have a taste of coffee from my growler. So I poured them some samples and they all went wild. Two of my regulars said that they don't drink black coffee either, but they could drink mine. 

The next thing I know, my other employees started helping themselves to my coffee growler, and I wasn't happy because they drank all my coffee! So from there, I decided to buy extra coffee, bought ONE BLACK LABEL KEG (It was covered with electrical tape) and decided to scale up the recipe. After a few Youtube videos on how to infuse the coffee with nitrogen, I made our first nitro coffee keg. My restaurant was one of the first establishments to have it, but it wasn't for sale. The coffee was meant for me and my employees, but those regulars started asking for pours of the coffee. I started selling coffee along with the craft beers and that's how BLACK LABEL KEG Brewing Co. was born. 

I was just happily selling nitro coffee at the restaurant. Then about a month after BLVCK Organic Cold Brew was on the menu, a little old woman, who was also a regular, jokingly scolded me, she said that I needed to open up the restaurant earlier so I could sell her coffee. Since labor is at a premium in California, I told her that it didn’t seem likely that the entire restaurant would open early just to pour her coffee. She thought for a moment, then said, "What about bottling it?" I entertained the thought, crunched some numbers, found a bottle vendor and the rest is BLACK LABEL KEG Brewing Co. history. 

I'm very proud to offer such a fine product that stands out in this super-saturated and competitive market, but what I am most proud of is that I can now offer the same fresh, bold and smooth flavor to all 50 states. 

It's been fun from day one, and I want to thank all those who have and still support BLVCK Organic Cold Brew Coffee.  



Donny G. 

-Founder and Brew Master